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Anastasia Reshetova bought herself a piece of jewelry worth about a million rubles


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The model noted that most of the jewelry was given to her. Anastasia Reshetova boasts a large collection of jewelry. The model loves to wear watches and rings from the most expensive brands. Today on Instagram, Anastasia admitted that most of her jewelry collection is gifts, since the star herself does not like to spend money on jewelry.

However, Reshetova said that she once allowed herself a purchase and purchased a Graff pendant, the cost of which was about one million rubles. The model noted that she will no longer spend money on jewelry.

“Gifts) Once I made a present for myself, bought a pendant from Graff. The most inexpensive, of course (it costs about 1 million), but myself. I don’t want to do this anymore, ”Anastasia admitted.


Shot from the Stories of Anastasia Reshetova

Also in early May, Reshetova boasted a dark blue Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept watch, which costs 16 million rubles. This model can only be purchased by pre-order.

It is interesting that Anastasia also chooses the best hotels for rest. For example, in mid-May, the model went to Dubai, where she settled in the five-star Mandarin Oriental Jumeira. Interestingly, according to various travel sites, this is one of the most expensive hotels in the UAE - the cost of the most ordinary deluxe room starts from 50 thousand rubles per day, and the most expensive - from 300 thousand. The hotel is located right on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, and additional services include diving and a wellness center.


Watch of Anastasia Reshetova Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept

It is worth noting that Reshetova prefers to spend her free time with her son from Timati, Ratmir. The model often takes the child with her on trips. So, at the moment she plans to fly with the baby on vacation. It was because of this that at the end of June, Reshetova and Timati had a conflict, since Anastasia did not want to let the one-year-old Ratmir go on a trip with her father . The model is worried that her son will miss her too much.

Recall that Timati and Reshetova announced their separation in September last year. According to the model, their relationship with the rapper was greatly shaken during the period of forced self-isolation. Despite this, Anastasia stated that she was grateful to the ex-lover for the experience she received with him. The star promised to raise her son in love and respect for his father.


Timati and Anastasia Reshetova with their son Ratmir

In May of this year, Anastasia first spoke about her feelings after breaking up with Timati. Then the model admitted that she considered the relationship with the rapper unhealthy. Reshetova also said that she noticed improvements in her own character after she broke up with Timati. According to the star, she has become a more sincere and open person, since now there is no man nearby who would constantly point out her mistakes. It is interesting that Reshetova also decided to admit that the final point in their relationship with Timati was put by his participation in the "The Bachelor" .

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