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Vladimir Putin’s rumored ‘lover’Alina Kabaeva appears in public wearing provocative dress

The 33-year-old rumored lover of Russian president put in another stunning appearance, flashing lace under transparent black gown.

Putin’s rumored lover, the famous gymnast Alina Kabaeva rarely appears in public. It is not surprising that every her public appearance immediately attracts attention. Recently, Olympic champion visited the sports show of his colleague Alexei Nemov. And last night she was the guest of the program "Evening Urgant".

Kabaeva came to Ivan Urgant, to talk about sports and power (remember, Now Alina is a major media manager, the chairman of the board of directors of the holding "National Media Group" publishing house and the Board of Directors of "Sport-Express").

The reason for the visit is "Best Athlete of the 25th anniversary" award, which is established by the "Sport-Express" newspaper. Alina commented on the situation with our team at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Kabaeva has shared the fear that in the future the rules on competition in rhythmic gymnastics can be simplified because it is becoming increasingly difficult for the other countries to compete with Russian gymnasts:

- Rhythmic Gymnastics in Russia had undoubtedly become one of the dynamically developing sports disciplines for the last years. Other countries have failed to keep up with Russia. I am very worried that this sport will be removed from the Olympic program and new sport, for example, acrobatics, which is currently not included in the Olympic program, will be included instead of it, - said ex-athlete.

While Alina was talking about sports, female audience had time to study her provocative outfit. Usually athlete dresses quite modest, but this time she surprised fans with flirty dress. Alina chose a pencil skirt decorated with sequins and a transparent black blouse, under which she wore bright satin camisole decorated with lace. Since the stylists don't recommend white lace to be worn under a black transparent blouse, so Kabaeva’s outfit is considered mauvais ton. However, let's just say the see-through blouse didn't hurt Alina at all.

Ivan Urgant showed viewers rare snapshot of gymnast: young Kabaeva is seen in sportswear standing next to her coach Irina Viner-Usmanova . Alina admitted that Viner is the unquestioned authority and strict tutor:

- When we sit at the table, I look at her, like I was being scolded by her for eating bread, - said the champion. - We were afraid of her, respected her, because she is a strict coach. But she is the best friend outside the sports hall.




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