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One of Russia's richest girls, the daughter of Forbes billionaire Elen Manasir created the first non-commercial beauty Instagram

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The eldest heiress of businessman Ziyad Manasir told Life about her new project. One of Russia's richest women, Elen is a true daughter of an oligarch. Her dad takes 36th place in the Forbes list. Belle Elen Manasir has an excellent education – she was graduated from the Moscow State University, faculty of journalism.

Now one of the most famous Moscow's it-girls Elen Manasir has got on "Instagram" page (elenmanasir_beauty) where she shares tips on care and proper selection of cosmetics. The main difference between beauty blog of 26-year-old Elen from many others - is non-profit component. She refuses advertising and encourages readers just what she enjoys. In a short time Manasir has already attracted more than 25 thousand followers. Elen Manasir shared with LIFE, why she decided to create a blog, and told about her makeup kit....

Why do you need a beauty blog?

I guess I'm no different from an ordinary girl who just cares about herself and wants to look good. I just pay more attention than others. In this regard, my friends often ask me what the best product to choose. I have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge in this area, I thought that I could help women. Many do not have the time, they work hard, and they find it difficult to choose among of all beauty products. All famous beauty bloggers - people who pursue commercial objectives, they just sell. I thought it would be great to create a blog that is not advertising, but will be a sincere and honest personal experience. I absolutely did not expect that in two weeks would have 25 thousand subscribers, because people want to hear accurate information. Those stars constantly advertise any scrubs, which they never even used, no one truly believes them. I do not have any commercial interest, so I decided to make such a social project.

You advise only expensive products?

Often, the price does not guarantee quality, and the cream for 20-30 thousand may be completely ineffective. So I talk about different products - more expensive and cheaper ones. I don’t not focus on some sort of glamor and high price, I focus on the results. I publish only the best products, despite the fact that I have tons of cosmetics at home.

Do you think there's something really worthwhile among cheap makeup products?

I am against the very cheap products, it is better to dig a little. This does not mean you have to buy quite pricey products, there are simply effective products with the price, closer to the budget. It is silly to buy some Russian cream for a hundred rubles, and then throw money away on a dermatologist to cure the rash, which may arise from the use of the product. Therefore, reasonable economy is relevant, but only within reasonable limits. If I advise some expensive cream, its worth it.

Your subscribers often ask questions, do you communicate with them? Yes, I try to respond to everyone. What do you think, why the girls listen to you? You have 25 thousand subscribers, this is a very good result for a short time.

I think because they see some positive moments. My subscribers know that I would not advise everything, because I am quite picky in relation to cosmetics. I first read it, and find out everything before I tell everybody. And the second point - is that I'm not trying to make money. This is not some sort of commercial "instagram". 

How do you feel about Сontouring?

It used to be trendy; it is much less so now, thank God. My attitude is very negative, because I believe that the foundation - it's just a dirty paint, unlike lipstick or shadows sometimes BB-cream, for example. Woman who is using foundation, engaged in self-deception, because it looks unnatural.

Are you offered to be paid?

They offer all the time, a barter, gifts, but I have already said that I don’t make commercial, and I have to explain that I'm not interested in advertising. Advertising is a very thankless thing. My beauty-blog was created to confront the endless advertising and to shed some light on what products are worth buying and which are not worth it.

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