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Leningrad band presented their new music video for the song “Exponat”


On 13th of January, Leningrad band presented their new music video for the song “Exponat” (The Exhibit). The director of the video is Anna Parmas and it stars Julia Topolnitskaya. In the first 24 hours since the upload the video was watched by almost a 100,000 people (as of 3th of May the number of views is at 70 million).

The music video has become a bomb" on social media. And catchy quotes from the song have spread all over the Russian speaking web as hash tags.

The popularity of the song can be easily explained: in a short video Leningrad managed to ridicule problems that modern fashion divas are facing in such way that even the subjects of the satire reacted positively.

Sergey Shnurov has explained the success of the video and what caused him to cover female thematics in his songs:

“Cutting long story short, I will try to justify my sudden decision to write songs from a womans point of view. Just a few years ago the male part of our world was quite diverse and multiform, like an aquarium with exotic fish. You could catch anything -there: delusional intellectuals turned drunks, life-loving sponges, romantics with iron souls, engineers who would write lyrical poetry, swindlers with charisma and honest opportunists. They were great subjects of human species. It was intriguing to write about them. But then all these fish became extinct. This world, to my great regret has lost its complexity. I lost interest in male fauna. It has all come down to pointless political arguments which can be summed up with one phrase: “they’re all f*king c*nts out there, but were not”. Thing is the f*king c*nts out there think exactly the same. That’s the way the story goes. Female world on the other hand has become extremely complex and started to dictate the style and mood of an era. Females have become key consumers and key engines of economies. From poetic point of view modern women are floorless wells of mystery. However I still hope that certain weirdness will return to the male half of the population. Ihere has to be a balance. Don’t forget to download our new song “Exponat” from Itunes.”


A lot of fans have started to paint their shoe soles so they look like “Laboutins" referred to in the song, after watching the music video.

“During todays rehearsal I said that all we need is to perfect the “Laboutin” part of the song and then we can live happily for 2 years without releasing any new material” - Shnurov kidded.

Christian Laboutin brand representatives in Russia are perfectly OK with the hullabaloo the song created, however noted that there hadn't been a siginificant change in sales due to the effect of "Exponat".

Promotion campaign launched by "Van Gogh In Moscow" exhibition curators where girls wearing "Laboutin" shoes were allowed a free entry was however heavily criticised by the French company.

"I feel sorry for my character” - says the star of the music video Julia Topolnitskaya.

She has been in a spotlight lately with numerous journalists interviewing her and gossiping about her private life.

Julia has an Instagram account with her fans constantly comparing the image she created in the video with her true self.

Topolnitskaya uploads a lot of selfies. However she rarely wears high heel shoes in real life.

The young actress is residing in St. Petersburg and considers herself a follower of Leningrad band. According to her own words her acting in the video was mostly improvised:

«When I was chosen as the lead there was a fixed script which on its own was extremely humorous. However I constantly thought of what I could add to my character so she’d become even more recognisible and funny. Anna Parmas (Director of the video) granted me freedom for improvisation. I felt extremely comfortable working with her! She was completing me in a way. Hence our relationship on the shooting stage produced countless amount of unplanned, unscheduled jokes and laughs which have emphasised the effect of the video clip”.



After “Exponat's" breakthrough. Topolnitskaya has been receiving numerous offers, although she keeps all the details private and undisclosed.



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