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Daria Zhukova dates the Greek billionaire Stavros Niarchos

Rumors that the ex-wife of Roman Abramovich dates 32-year-old heir to the family of shipowners, confirmed [pics]

The former wife of Roman Abramovich, 36-year-old Daria Zhukova started having an affair with 32-year Stavros Niarhos III - known playboy and inheritor of a sizable fortune of his grandfather. Rumors that Daria has her eyes on the handsome Greek, appeared immediately after Abramovich and Zhukova announced divorce. But there were no evidence of this. And now the New York edition Page Six has found out: Daria and Stavros are not just friends.

After the divorce, Daria with children moved from the UK to the USA and lives in New York. The other day, Zhukova and Niarhos came together at a charity dinner at the Metropolitan Museum. According to the guests reception, Daria and Stavros behaved like a loving couple. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen Stavros and Daria together before - at the Art Basel art fair in Miami and at a party dedicated to Garage Magazine.

- They had been just friends for a long time, but recently became a couple - a source told to Page Six.

The fact that the new chosen of Zhukova is young and good-looking guy was reveled by ubiquitous Russian socialite Bozena Rynska.

- Beautiful and big-nosed, - described Bozena new boyfriend of Zhukova. - Looks like a young Abramovich, but taller and more beautiful. Dasha is in love for three months. - said Bozena Rynska about new affair of Zhukova - Stavros Niahros.


Secular chroniclers immediately remembered that even then Abramovich's wifewas spotted in the company of Stavros Niarhos. Daria often appeared at charity receptions, organized by Sister Eugenia Stavros, and every time her brother turned out to be at the table next to Zhukova. 

Stavros Niarhos III - grandson of the famous Greek ship owner Stavros Niahros. Tycoon died in 1996 and left his family a 2.5 billion fortune. Stavros Jr. was born in New York, he spent his childhood in Paris, where he also received a higher education - the heir specializing in cinematography.

With the owner of the art gallery "Garage" Daria Zhukova he has much in common - for example, a love for the fine arts. In 1956, his grandfather invested in the collection of paintings, which over the years has risen significantly. The family collection of Niarhos consists of more than 100 paintings of French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists. In 1989, the tycoon has bought a self-portrait of Picasso for $47 million, and a collection of works by Van Gogh, Goya, El Greco and Rubens.

Stavros Niarhos dated Paris Hilton.


Father of Stavros Jr. Philip Niarhosinherited his father's love for painting, he is one of the most famous collectors of contemporary art. Mother of Stavros, Victoria comes from a famous Irish Guinness family. By the way, Stavros is second cousin on the father's side of Athena Onassis - granddaughter of another famous Greek ship owner Aristotle Onassis.

Stavros Niarhos III became famous for his love adventures. The Greek heir is known playboy and one of the most enviable grooms of the United States and Europe. Stavros dated the representative of the American golden youth - Paris Hilton. He also had affairs with Hollywood actresses Lindsay Lohan and Mary-Kate Olsen. For the past seven years, the young Niarhos dated supermodel Jessica Hart.

For the past seven years, the young Niarhos dated supermodel Jessica Hart - beauty-American, one of the Victoria's Secret "angels". It was said that they were about to get engaged, but the world's tabloids had spread the news in July this year that Jessica and Stavros parted ways. Well, we know it's not because of Zhukova, right?



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