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What is known about the Polish woman Karolina Belyavska who won this year's Miss World contest


Karolina Belyavska, 23, is the new Miss World title holder.

Last week, the final of the Miss World contest took place, which this year was held in the capital of Puerto Rico. The beauty contest has not been held since 2019 - it was postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The peculiarity of the event was the fact that it was attended by representatives of Iraq and Somalia - countries that had not previously participated in the "Miss World".

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As a result, the Polish woman Karolina Belyavska was named the most beautiful. The second place was taken by the American Sri Seini, and the third place was taken by the citizen of Côte d'Ivoire Olivia Yase.

Russia did not go to the contest: Ralina Abramova, who could have attended, missed the event due to her participation in Miss Universe. The Russian woman who achieved this prestigious award was Ksenia Sukhinova in 2008.

As for the winner, she was born in Łódź and is currently studying for a master's degree.

At the same time, her modeling career is developing: she has been participating in competitions since childhood, acting in glossy films and working at shows.

Karolina has a really attractive appearance, thanks to her blond hair and green eyes, she is compared with the American actress Margot Robbie.

During the presentation of the award, Karolina was very touched and could not accept what was happening. “When I heard my name, I was in a stupor, I still do not believe. It is a great honor for me to bear the title of "Miss World". I will remember this unusual chapter of my life for the rest of my days,” she said. Previously, the representatives of Poland did not become the winners of this competition. Most often (6 times), residents of Venezuela became the favorites of Miss World.

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