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What does Natalia Vodianova's dad, who left her in childhood, look like?


The man suffered a heart attack, lives in Nizhny Novgorod

Natalia Vodianova is one of the most famous top models. She grew up in a large family. Mom Larisa Viktorovna divorced the father of the podium star when she was barely three years old. Since then, little is known about Mikhail Stepanovich. However, not so long ago, cunning reporters managed to track down a man.

Natalia Vodianova 's father lives in a residential area of ​​Nizhny Novgorod. He hides his relationship with the famous model. "I love her very much," the man nervously answers the questions of the chroniclers of the Secret for a Million show on NTV.

In 2004, Mikhail Stepanovich suffered a heart attack. He has a second family. At one time he worked as a supplier, drove auto parts. From the second marriage, the man has a daughter, Nastya.


Father of Natalia Vodianova. Frame of the show "Secret for a Million".

By the way, Vodianova's paternal relatives are very devout people. Abortion in their families is prohibited. The father of the model is the eighth child in the family. His older brother Peter also has eight children, and his sister Anna has 14.

At one time, Natalya said that her own father left her at the age of three . However, later the man's nephew assured that it was Natasha's mother who left Mikhail. Like, when he returned from the army, Larisa Viktorovna was pregnant from another man. However, the mother of the model did not build happiness with her second husband either. “

Misha paid Natasha alimony all his life ,” Vodianova's Aunt shared a few years ago. “And he truly loves her. We want Natasha to know that her father is waiting for her.

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