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Vita Sidorkina: interview with a model

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Date of Birth: March 20, 1994

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 173

Measurements: 78-57-84

Many famous models could've been awkward in high school. It's probably a cliché used by models to create beautiful stories of transformation of an ugly duckling into a swan. Did you always know that you are beautiful?

Actually, I have always been pretty confident about my appearance. I had a huge fan base in the school, and on Valentine's Day I just received a lot of valentines. Perhaps the only thing I was a little upset at the time - adolescent figure. My girlfriends have become mature, transformed into young women. I "blossomed" later.

The press has named you the second Monika Jagaciak and the younger sister of Carmen Kass. You wanted to be like one of them?

I heard about these comparisons, but to be honest, I do not see the similarity. I never tried to be someone else, and I believe that the preservation of identity is half of success.


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How did your start modeling career abroad?

My first trip as a model was in Japan – the starting point of the careers of many models. When you are thirteen, it’s very hard to understand what you came to work and you are held accountable for delivery of results. It was hard to come to work on time, and then find your way back home in an unfamiliar city. The language barrier was one of the major issues, but perhaps such extreme situations are the "engine of progress." After a couple of visits, I could easily speak English!

What was the most important for you as a model?

Getting Started for Victoria's Secret - an incredibly significant event in my career. This is, perhaps, the brand, with which all models dream to work. Working with well-known Victoria's Secret brand has really helped to acquire recognition. So many other doors have opened for me already after the first shooting. But to work with Victoria's Secret is very important for me. It's really very interesting. Photoshoot always held in incredible locations. Each time, going on a photo shoot, I feel a kind of anticipation, "And what place will be chosen this time?"

Do you have a "brand - Dream", which, in your opinion, you are literally fit in and which really would love to represent?

I've never been the face of cosmetic brand. I'd love to get one of these contracts in the near future!

Beauty Secrets?

Work on yourself, of course, it is an integral part of the life of the model. I Include workouts in my daily routine, although I have to work hard to maintain my figure, because I am fond of sweets. My skin is not a problem and therefore does not require a particularly care, except cleansing and moisturizing. I am a fan of Japanese skincare brands.

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