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Victoria's Secret model Vita Sidorkina gave birth from Italian millionaire


Model Vita Sidorkina became a mother for the first time / Source: The newly minted wife of a construction magnate became a mother for the first time.

Vita Sidorkina, a simple girl from Khabarovsk, managed to make a dizzying career that millions of her peers all over the planet could only dream of. At 24, she is already a top model, the "angel" of the world famous brand Victoria's Secret and, moreover, the wife of a handsome Italian millionaire, construction magnate Valerio Morabito.

The couple got married a little over a year ago, and it soon became known that Vitalina - this is the full name of the model - is expecting a baby. Finally, a joyful event happened, and the catwalk star became a mother. The birth took place in the USA, in one of the clinics in Florida. A photo appeared on Sidorkina's Instagram account taken immediately after the child was born - in addition to herself, there is a newborn child and his happy father in the frame. To disappointment for the touched fans, neither the gender nor the name of the baby is yet known.


It is worth noting that in the ranks of Victoria's Secret "angels" there are enough models who have given birth , many of whom are also actively promoting motherhood and, in particular, breastfeeding. So problems in Vita's career are hardly threatened.

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