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Victoria's Secret model Kate Grigorieva and football player Anton Shunin became parents


31-year-old model, former Victoria's Secret angel Katya Grigoryeva and her husband, 33-year-old goalkeeper of Moscow Dynamo Anton Shunin became parents: a daughter was born

Anton Shunin with his daughter 05/22/2020.

We became the parents of a beautiful baby. This is happiness ❤ Darling, thank you! My girls are doing well! - Anton wrote on Instagram, posting a photo of his daughter from the hospital. Katya also reported about this joyful event on her page, presenting a picture taken during pregnancy: This year was magical for us❤ Today, 05.22.2020 we became the parents of our beautiful baby. Do not convey the feelings that I feel! Thank you, dear, for being around all this time. Love you!

Katya Grigoryeva and Anton Shunin

Katya hid her pregnancy from the public, only her relatives knew about her it. For Grigorieva, this child became the first, for Anton - the second: the footballer has a 7-year-old son Artemy from a previous marriage. He met Katya on the Internet, about which he told HELLO !: I would never have thought that thanks to Instagram I would meet my fate. This happened when I, together with the team, flew from Sheremetyevo to one of the games. In order to pass the time, I looked through photos on the microblog. And, having decided for interest to check by geotag, who else languishes here waiting, he suddenly came across Kate’s page. I wrote to her ... It turned out that at that moment Katya was boarding a plane to New York, where she flew to Victoria's Secret. She answered me already from America.

Katya Grigoryeva and Anton Shunin

Shunin made a marriage proposal at home in April 2018. In July 2018, they played a wedding in Moscow. For Shunin, and for Grigorieva, this marriage was the second. Before meeting with the model, the football player met with Alena Shishkova, and even earlier was married to a girl named Victoria, who gave birth to his son. Katya was married to a soldier Alexander, but their marriage lasted only a few months.


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