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The media reported that Irina Shayk has a relationship with a girl


The media reported that Irina Shayk has a relationship with a girl

Irina Shayk and Stella Maxwell

Irina Shayk doesn't seem to be suffering from her breakup with Bradley Cooper - she was spotted in Italy last week walking around Florence and attending a fashion show in Milan with close friend, supermodel Stella Maxwell. The girls laughed and held hands - now the tabloids are waiting for the opportunity to write that an affair began between them.

After breaking up with Bradley Cooper , model Irina Shayk finds solace in communicating with her best friend. On Friday, June 14, the Victoria's Secret "angel" was spotted on the streets of Florence, Italy in the company of Stella Maxwell, her best friend and also the "angel" of the famous lingerie brand. Photographs published by the Daily Mail show the women laughing and holding hands - in short, having a great time in one of Italy's most popular tourist cities.

A day later, on Saturday, June 15, the best friends were spotted leaving the Versace menswear show in Milan, which is currently hosting Men's Fashion Week. At the same time, Shayk posted on Instagram a photo with Donatella Versace, a video from the show and huge packages with gifts from the fashion house.

After exiting the Versace show, Vogue called Shayk and Maxwell the brand's "walking ad campaign" as they were both fully dressed in Versace. According to fashion critics, two women often choose matching sets for joint exits.

The appearance of Irina Shayk in public with Stella Maxwell gave rise to talk of a romantic relationship between the two supermodels and, of course, very beautiful women.

The fact is that if Irina Shayk has not previously shown public attraction to people of her gender, then Stella Maxwell does not hide her homosexual orientation. For several years, Stella Maxwell dated American actress Kristen Stewart , the star of the Twilight movie saga, who in 2016 announced her bisexuality and told the public that she had a girlfriend. In an interview with Britain 's Elle , Stewart admitted that she has an unstable relationship with producer Alicia Cargile . “Right now, I’m just really in love with my girlfriend,” the actress admitted. “We broke up a few times and got back together, and this time it was like, ‘Oh, I can finally feel’ for me.”

It is, of course, impossible to speak with confidence that Irina Shayk and Stella Maxwell are connected by romantic rather than friendly relations - just as it is not worth spreading unconfirmed rumors. Moreover, literally on the eve of their Florentine release to the public - on Thursday, June 13 - the media reported that Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart reunited after a six-month break.

The Twilight star was dating a Victoria's Secret Angel for the first time in 2016, when the model visited Kristen Stewart in Savannah, Jodia, where the film Lizzie was being filmed. A month later, the girls were spotted at an amusement park in Los Angeles, where they were holding hands.

Soon the media reported that Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart began to live together, and spent the summer traveling from Paris to Winnipeg and New Orleans. Back in the fall of 2018, the couple looked strong enough when Maxwell visited Stewart in Europe on the set of the new Charlie's Angels. However, rumors soon spread about a possible separation of women - after Stewart was seen holding hands with stylist Sarah Dinkin.

The actress has not confirmed her relationship with Dinkin. She generally tries not to spread her life - however, the paparazzi literally follow her anyway.

In June of this year, photos of her with Stella Maxwell in Los Angeles and New York already appeared in the media, from which observers conclude that relations have been restored.

The model has been friends with Irina Shayk for a long time. Last year, Stella Maxwell and Irina Shayk created a capsule collection of handbags for the Kooples brand. Initially, the brand invited only Stella Maxwell to the role of the star accessory designer, but then its representatives decided that although a couple would create a capsule collection, this would reflect the concept of the brand. When Stella Maxwell was asked who she would like to take as a partner, she answered without hesitation: “Of course, Irina Shayk!”. “It was a match made in heaven, because we have very different personalities and styles, so our ideas don’t clash,” Vogue quotes her.

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