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The German model with a small waist has become very fat – what does Sophia Vegas Wollersheim look like now?


To create a "wasp" waist, some models decide on an operation to remove the rib bones. They consider all risks and are ready to accept all the consequences of such a decision for their health. The pursuit of ideal appearance and beauty in youth can lead to sad consequences in the future. But Sophia Vegas Wollersheim from Germany was born in a shirt and her artificial changes on the body did not "backfire" after a year.

The German has been looking for a way for a very long time, how to stand out among competitors, so as not to be like everyone else. Starting the transformation of her body, she wanted anti-anatomical features, as Pixie Fox, another model from Sweden, who decided on a risky operation and thanks to this she received dubious fame.


On the left in the photo is Pixie Fox, on the right is the heroine of today's article. Looking at the girls, a dumb question arises: "But what about the proper functioning of the body in the conditions of a "wasp" waist and how will the girls cope with the additional load on the spine after mammoplasty?". Large artificial breasts, low body weight and removed ribs - how can anatomical features in the future affect, for example, the desire to become a mother? The answer to this question was found by Sophia Vegas Wollersheim, who took another risk in her life to have a baby.

Having met the love of her life, the woman decided to have a baby. Of course, the risks were huge, but during the whole pregnancy, Sofia was observed by a doctor who monitored the course of the pregnancy very carefully. The age of the woman in labor was also added to the risk factors - 31 years. For the model, this was the first child, so his appearance was very exciting.

The outrageous German woman gave birth to a healthy girl and since then amazing transformations have taken place in her life: the woman's values ​​​​have changed and she no longer aspired to be a living "Barbie doll". What does Sofia look like now? And what happened to her "world's narrowest waist"?


As you can see from the latest shots from the life of the former model, the past is in the past. Now Sofia Vegas is a happy mother of a beautiful daughter who enjoys communicating with her husband and child. It can be seen that the woman has gained weight, but this does not bother her much, it’s just that a new stage has begun in her life and the German does not plan to restore her chiseled figure yet.

What do you think, is it worth the risk of doing plastic surgery to remove the costal bones? And is waist size so important for popularity?.


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