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Story of Donald Trump's wife Melania Trump: former model who can be the next first lady of the United States

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Melania Trump can become the first lady of the United States

She is 46 years old, she is an immigrant from Yugoslavia, and model that participated in nude photo shoots. She takes the example of Jacqueline Kennedy, participates in charity and dreams, that her husband stopped writing on Twitter. We tell the story of Melania Trump - Donald Trump's wife, who can be the next first lady of the United States.

The wife of Donald Trump, Slovenian fashion model Melania Trump became the center of attention of the American public after her speech at the congress of the Republican Party on 18 July. Part of her speech was very similar to the performance of Michelle Obama at the Democratic Convention in 2008, and some fragments were reproduced word for word.


US media have compared the two performances, and Melanie was accused of plagiarism.

Following the presentation on Twitter appeared hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes ("famous quotes of Melania Trump"). Many people made fun of her for plagiarism.

"I want to thank my speechwriters: Copy and Paste", - said in the post user RiotWomenn.

Soon on Melania’s Facebook page appeared a statement that her speech was written by a team of speechwriters, who "reflected her own thoughts."

The future wife of billionaire Trump Melanija Knavs came to the US from Slovenia (then - Yugoslavia) in 1996. 20 years later, her husband's recent election manifesto had emphasized such matters as a significant reduction in immigration to the United States.

Melania’s specialty is designer-architect, but she began a career of the model at the age of five, and at the age of 16 participated in advertising.


She first met Trump at Fashion Week in New York in 1998. The future US presidential candidate then had a relationship with another woman, but he decided to get acquainted with Melania. She refused to give Trump a phone, but took his number and called back soon. At the time she was 28 years old, Trump - 52. 

Their love affair became known in 1999, they were married in January 2005. This wedding attracted a lot of media attention:.. Many famous personalities were invited to the wedding and the price of celebration was about $ 1 million. Melania‘s Dress estimated at $ 200 thousand was created by a well-known fashion designer John Galliano. The wedding was also attended by chief rival of Trump in the current presidential race - Hillary Clinton.

In 2006, Melania received American citizenship and in the same year gave birth to a son Barron William, who became Trump's fifth child (his first son is now 38 years old - he is eight years younger than Melania).

When in 2015 Donald Trump announced the desire to become the US president, his wife decided to stay away from politics. As she did not participate the campaign, because, as she said, "is the work of her husband," and she has her own views and makes her own choices.

"I tell him my opinion, and sometimes he listened to me, sometimes not. Will I always agree with him? No. I think it's good for a healthy relationship. No matter who you are married, you need to maintain your own life", - Melania said in an interview with Harper's Bazaar.

When the American TV channel NBC asked Melania, what habit Donald should get rid of, she replied: "Writing on Twitter." The fact is that due to his posts on Twitter Trump has repeatedly found himself at the center of scandals. For example, in 2012 he wrote that the founder of the Huffington Post "is unattractive both inside and outside," and added that "fully understands why her husband left her and went to the man - it was a good choice."

Considering the hypothetical opportunity to become the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump noted that she would follow the example of the wives of Gerald Ford and John F. Kennedy.

"I'm very traditional, like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy, I am his (Donald Trump -. Ed.). Support", - said Melania.

If Trump is elected president, his wife will be a unique first lady for at least two reasons. Firstly, this post has never been held by a woman, born in the country with the communist regime. Secondly, none of the first ladies of the United States have posed naked, and this photoshoot of Melania was published in 2000 in the men's magazine GQ.

Melania Trump got naked for @BritishGQ 16 years ago:

- British GQ (@BritishGQ) March 28, 2016 

Melania is engaged in charity. She is involved in several organizations, making contributions to the Foundation for breast cancer research, the American Red Cross and the Police athletic league. In 2010, Melania Trump also launched her own jewelery collection.

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