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Sergey Lazarev at the "Eurovision" described "Miss Universe" contestant Vladislava Evtushenko as his "good luck charm“

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Sergey Lazarev is filmed for his "Eurovision" music video with "Miss Universe" contestant.

This year Russia at the "Eurovision" song contest will be represented by Sergey Lazarev. For many years, the singer and actor refused to participate in the competition, but this time his decision was influenced by the song prepared for the competition. According to Sergey, he was so impressed by the song that changed his mind.

In the video for the song with which Sergey will perform at "Eurovision", appeared "the first vice-Miss Russia - 2015" "Miss Universe" contestant - 19-year-old Vladislava Evtushenko. Lazarev showed fans a photo with the girl, which did not leave them indifferent.

A photo of the model, which will help him to win the "Eurovision", Sergey Lazarev posted on his page on Instagram. "With the stunning beauty, a contestant of the" Miss Universe - 2015" from Russia," 1-st Vice-Miss Russia - 2015" Vladislava Evtushenko @vladislava_evtushenko, who played the lead female role in my video clip for "Eurovision" 2016”, - wrote the singer.


His followers noticed not only the beauty of women, but also that she's not wearing underwear. Lazarev’s fans embroiled in the dispute, trying to answer almost Shakespearean question whether it would be proper to wear a bra or not.

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"The real Russian beauty!", "It's a beautiful girl. Good luck to both of you))", "What did she buy you? nudity? That's inappropriate," "no bra", "Very beautiful girl, and even Siberian! From Chita! "" Still, a gorgeous girl with both nipples stick out "," no underwear of course very ... XXI century, the mass of options for dresses, I think none of the stars are allowed to look like this", "Her breasts are not saggy to trap them with a bra. You have some Soviet standards in the head"," She needs to wear underwear, at least, to keep a bit of decency"," Thin, small, lukewarm)))))","a young " - they wrote.

In addition to a beautiful girl in the video can be seen the inscription ONE. Probably Sergei alludes to all the competitors, what place he was going to take at the "Eurovision-2016" in Sweden.


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