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Scandalous divorces of models: Vyalitsyna, Adamenko, Voevodina


These beauties dreamed of a happy family, but their marriages turned into loud scandals.

Anna Vyalitsyna, Liza Adamenko and Oksana Voevodina faced domestic violence, humiliation and court proceedings for alimony. 

Anna Vyalitsyna

The beauty was born in Nizhny Novgorod. At the age of 15, Anna was noticed by a modeling agent - and from that moment on, her life changed forever. Vyalitsyna built a dizzying career in Paris, she worked with leading fashion houses and became the "angel" of Victoria's Secret. The model dated the lead singer of the Maroon 5 Adam Levine for almost two years, but started a family with another man.

In 2015, Anna gave birth to a daughter, Alaska, from the influential millionaire Adam Kahan, vice president of Yahoo. A year later, the lovers announced their engagement, and Vyalitsyna disappeared from the fashion world for several years. The fans were convinced that the beauty was enjoying family happiness, but everything turned out to be not so rosy. In 2021, it turned out that the couple broke up, and Vyalitsyna lives on unemployment benefits.


Adam Kehan ​​and Anna Vyalitsyna,

The model is almost out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic and can barely cope with paying monthly bills. A young mother is raising her daughter alone and assures that she does not have enough money to live on. The catwalk star has filed a lawsuit against her former lover. Anna expects to receive alimony from him in the amount of $ 8,500 a month.


Anna Vyalitsyna,

Adam Kahan pays for his daughter's health insurance and the costs of her private school. But the model believes that this is not enough. She assures that Kahan is bathed in luxury, and demands that the girl's father give pocket money, pay her summer camp, travel to school, and future college expenses. 

Some fans believe the star exaggerated when she spoke of her poverty. Anna owns a $ 2.9 million apartment in New York. She also saved up $ 2.6 million in her accounts.


Anna Vyalitsyna with her daughter,

Lisa Adamenko

The model married at the age of 18 Valentin Ivanov, top manager of the Singapore branch of the Russian oil company Lukoil. This marriage was condemned by many because of the big age difference of the lovers - the man is 37 years older than his chosen one. Especially critics were outraged by the fact that the romance of the future spouses began when Lisa was only 13 years old. Adamenko defended her husband and rebuffed the guardians of morality.


Lisa Adamenko and Valentin Ivanov, Social networks

Everything changed in 2017. Lisa accused Valentin of domestic violence, and then talked about the humiliation that she endured in marriage. The spouses publicly sorted out the relationship for a long time, after which the girl fled from the tyrant. However, he continued to haunt her, turning life into hell. He called the model mentally unhealthy and tore up her passport. Because of this, Adamenko could not return to Russia from the United States for a long time.


Valentin Ivanov and Lisa Adamenko, Social networks

The catwalk star parted with Ivanov for several years and finally divorced. After that, she decided to look for love in a reality show. Lisa became a participant in the seventh season of the "Bachelor" project with Anton Krivorotov. She reached the final, but the hero preferred another to her. Now Adamenko has a relationship with model Dmitry Kalinin. 

Oksana Voevodina

Miss Moscow 2015 in 2018 married the King of Malaysia Muhammad V Faris, who soon abdicated the throne. Her husband was twice Oksana's age, but the age difference did not bother her. For the sake of her beloved, she converted to Islam and was sure that a happy life awaited them. However, the tale did not last long.


Oksana Voevodina and Muhammad V,

Voevodina's chosen one refused to recognize their son as his. He called the marriage with Oksana a mistake, and she herself - "a terrible person" and "a cunning woman." The ex-king of Malaysia accused the model of prudence and pretense. According to him, she deliberately seemed not who she really was in order to extort money from him.


Oksana Voevodina and Muhammad V,

Muhammad refused to take part in raising his son. After the divorce, Voevodina had to sell an expensive wedding ring to pay the bills. Now a young mother is raising a child alone.


Oksana Voevodina with her son,

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