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Quiet rebel: Kendall Jenner ignored acceptable model principles


The fashion model risked her career for a fleeting impulse of the soul.

Kendall Jenner has broken the mold that has been built up in the modeling industry for years. Fashion models are forbidden to experiment with their bodies, but, apparently, the star is not ready to put up with this rule.

Kendall posted on her social networks a post with photos and videos of her horseback riding. But the last frame grabs the attention the most: the celebrity showed off her new ankle tattoo in the form of a cowboy boot. However, it would be difficult to call it a full-fledged drawing, because its size is no more than a centimeter. She also included a reference of the permanent image.


Screenshot "Kendall Jenner" / Social networks


Models are not allowed to get tattoos. But the requirements for world-class industry representatives are not so strict. Therefore, the Kardashian sister made a micro-tattoo, which definitely will not interfere with her work.

Photo source: Legion-Media


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