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Pregnant Natalia Vodianova put on weight

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The supermodel has gained 8 kilos. The supermodel Natalia Vodianova is about two months away from her due date and she admitted that weighs as much as 60 kilos!

Although Vodianova doesn’t weight a lot, but her usual weigh is less than 52 kg! And now the model is no longer fit in his usual clothes. All she wears now - robes, loose sweaters and trapeze dresses.

Regardless of her weight, Natalia joked: "Call me "Miss Sixty kilos ".

Now Natalia is waiting for her fifth child. Natalia had a good time in the time of her previous pregnancies. She never stopped to work: filmed, attended Fashion Week in different cities, engaged in charity and generally led a very active life.

Her 5 th pregnancy became known at the show of her good friend - designer Ulyana Sergeenko, at Paris Fashion Week, which was held in the French capital at the end of January. Natalya arrived in black skin-tight dress, and it became evident that she was showing. Guests of the show immediately began to congratulate Natasha with the upcoming newest addition to her family. Vodianova modestly smiled and said, "Thank you!" A little later, Natasha's mother - Larisa Viktorovna, said that her daughter is five months pregnant.

It should be reminded, that Natalia had the older three children, - Lucas, Neva and Viktor - with her husband - British aristocrat Justin Portman. Vodianova and Portman splitted in 2011. And in the 2014 model gave birth to her fourth child - a boy, who was named Maxim. The child bears his father's name, Antoine Arnault. Antoine - billionaire, owner of one of the most famous fashion houses in the world, regularly ranked in the list of the richest people according to Forbes. Vodianova in interviews after Max's birth more than once said that it is necessary to give birth again. And she really wants a girl, because she had three sons and only one daughter.


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