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Natalia Vodianova found her sister, whom her mother abandoned in childhood


Natalia Vodianova with her sister/Vogue/Annie Leibovitz

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova found her own little sister named Jenna after 22 years. Natalia told the story of her family in the December issue of American Vogue - it has not yet been released, but part of the interview has been leaked to the network. This was written in the telegram channel "I'll tell you everything."


Natalia Vodianova with her sister Natalia Vodianova with her sister/Vogue/Annie Leibovitz

In an interview with the publication, Vodianova recalled a hungry childhood in Russia: together with her mother and sisters, the four of them lived in an apartment of 20 square meters. The family was going through hard times, the father left the family and refused to help them. One of Vodianova's sisters, Oksana, suffers from cerebral palsy. Natalia herself worked in the market from an early age to earn money.

In 2000, Larisa, Natalya's mother, had another daughter - the model herself at that time was 18 years old. Natalya convinced her mother to give her younger sister Masha up for adoption, because she did not want the same fate for her. “Mom, you can’t raise another child in such a difficult life situation,” Vodianova told her mother. The child was taken by a wealthy couple from North Carolina.

Journalist Yunia Pugacheva revealed other details of the interview on her Telegram channel. She notes that at the time of the birth of her younger sister, Vodianova was 16 years old, and after a few months Natalia went to Paris, from where she returned with her first big fee.

Having given the child away, Vodianova's mother was tormented by doubts, but the supermodel, whose childhood was very difficult, convinced her that it would be better this way. Vodianova recalled how they were called from the orphanage and offered to take the child back. "She is such a good child, beautiful, never cries. Maybe you can take her after all?" her mother said. Natalya dissuaded her from taking Masha. After Vodianova returned from Paris with money, she wanted to pick up her sister, but the girl had already been sent to new parents.

“She caught my finger and grabbed it tightly,” Natalya recalls her first meeting with her sister. “Masha was already such a fighter. And at this emotional moment I promised her that we would see each other again.”

In subsequent years, Vodianova tried to find her sister and even hired private detectives, but her search did not give any results. But recently, the sister of the supermodel herself registered on a site where people look for their relatives by DNA, and found out that Natalia Vodianova is her relative. Natalia Vodianova with her sister


Natalia Vodianova with her sister/Social networks

Jennifer Burns, as the supermodel's sister is now called, flew to Paris and met with her sisters, Natalia and Christina (Vodyanova's half-sister. - Approx. ed.), As well as with her mother.

“Jenna has always been a part of my life, even when we didn’t know each other,” Natalya said in an interview. “I was always tormented by the question of whether she was okay. We quickly catch up and feel like one family.”

The sisters also told Jennifer about her father - he lived with them for about six months and was kind to them, even asked to call himself dad. However, then he forced Vodianova's mother to borrow money from the local mafia and left.

“An incredible story, I read and cried,” commented Yunia Pugacheva.

Vodianova herself confirmed the story to the telegram channel Antigloss.

The sisters posed for Vogue at the home of Natalia Vodianova and her husband Antoine Arnault in Connecticut. The girls were photographed by the legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. Natalia herself is now married to French millionaire Antoine Arnault, son of Bernard Arnault, president of the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy group of companies, whose fortune is estimated at $190.3 billion.


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