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Model's eye makeup looks

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At the recent Cannes Film Festival, we adored these eye trends worn on L'Oréal models Barbara Palvin, Isabeli Fontana and Natasha Poly

When it comes to dressing up your eyes, after awhile, the usual heavy liner, smoky eyes and neutrals can get a bit ho-hum. These looks caught our eyes for being relatively simple, yet striking enough for a big night out. You'll need the same tools you always use — liner, mascara and falsies — but reimagined in a different way. Watch and learn.

The underliner

This look is gaining popularity, seen on stars like Kim Kardashian and here on model Isabeli Fontana. Instead of focussing your liner on the upper lid only, thickly line the lower lid as well with kohl liner. For an even more dramatic take, skip the upper line altogether.

The blank cat eye

Look closely and you'll see that model Natasha Poly's eyeliner is a mini work of art. The precise cat eye ends in an extension at the eye corner, but instead of colouring it in, her makeup artists has left it blank for a negative space effect. What you'll need to achive this? Steady hands, a truckload of patience and an ultra-fine eyeliner. This look is all about precision.

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Natasha Poly


The super long lashes

Model Barbara Palvin is undeniably gorgeous, but she steps things up a notch with her super long lashes. The trick to not looking absolutely ridiculous? The lashes should not be uniformly long, but only long at selected parts of the false lash — especially at the centre and a little at the outer corners. We suggest heading to a lash specialist like Shu Uemura to hunt down a similar pair. Or if you're a lash afficionado, use partial lashes in varying lengths, piece by piece, for a similar look. Once again, this will take patience and lots of lash glue, but the effect is well worth it.


Barbara Palvin

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