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Model Kristina Romanova showed perfect shape after giving birth

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In February this year, a Russian businessman, Chairman of the Board of Directors and co-owner of the company "Capital Group", 53-year-old Vladislav Doronin, has become a father again: his girlfriend, 22 year-old model Kristina Romanova gave birth to baby. Although it took her over a couple of months to fully get in shape!

Kristina began to work out immediately after giving birth. She can not afford the extra kilos. Recently model published on Instagram a few photos, and fans have noted that her figure is in perfect condition. She showed herself standing in a beautiful red dress and signed it: «Lady In Red». Fans noticed that Kristina fully got in shape after giving birth, and became even more beautiful.

"Kristina, you look so good after giving birth!", "Figure - just banging!", "It is strange, all the girls usually get fat after the childbirth," - wrote her fans.

Subscribers asked Kristina Romanova about her diet, but as it turned out, there is nothing magical about it. The star said she is trying to eat less carbohydrates and a lot of protein, and does not skip a workout.

Recall Kristina’s pregnancy became known in the summer of last year, when she published a photo of herself with rounded belly. Earlier model showed a different picture: in one of the clubs Vladislav Doronin passionately kissed her, and followers saw the big diamond ring right on her finger! But fans of Kristina still have the question whether Doronin proposed her or not.

Interestingly, Vladislav Doronin is one of those guys who only dates models. His girlfriend list includes Swedish fashion model Karen Shonbahler, top model Naomi Campbell, and now Kristina Romanova. With 21-year marriage under his belt, Doronin started relationships with Kristina Romanova, who is a little older than his daughter Catherine.

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