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Liza Adamenko, Kristina Romanova, Xenia Deli, and others: 5 very young and incredibly rich wives of oligarchs


These women have conquered the hearts of the richest men. Now their life is followed by millions of fans. We chose the 5 most young and rich wives of oligarchs, which almost overshadowed their husbands.

Xenia Deli

27-year-old model last June married Egyptian billionaire Ossama Fathi Rabah al-Sharif. The age difference between the two lovers is thirty-six years. The pair threw a wedding on the Greek island of Santorini.

Liza Adamenko

Liza is a feisty girl. At age 13, she left home to start building a career as a model. Almost at the same time a young beauty met a millionaire Valentin Ivanov. The wedding took place when Liza celebrated 17th anniversary and Valentin was already 55 years old.

Kristina Romanova

53-year-old Vladislav Doronin married Kristina when she was just 23. And in February, she gave birth to a child. Marriage of charmingly beautiful model and co-owner of "Capital Group" company is going to be strong. At least fans of the couple hope so.

Ilona Kotelyukh

Spouse of 24-year-old beauty is Nikolay Sarkisov. The pair has recently announced a new addition to the family, the boy born in the Maldives in October last year. The age difference of the parents is 24 years. 

Olga Sechina

Olga is jokingly called "Princess." The young wife of director of the company "Rosneft", 56-year-old Igor Sechin, almost put an end to her husband's career, sharing online pictures of $ 180 million yacht, with expensive champagne somewhere in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. 

If it's true love, you should just be genuinely happy for these beautiful girls, because they got a small bonus in the form of a huge bank account. 


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