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Kristina Romanova tries to match up her boyfriend Vladislav Doronin and looks older with the help of dark "aging" hair color

Kristina Romanova has dyed her hair.

22-year-old Kristina Romanova recently shared with the subscribers on Instagram new pictures. Beloved of Vladislav Doronina demonstrated the result of her beauty transformation.

Recently, Kristina Romanova really surprised fans: the model dyed her long hair in a dark shade. 

Just a couple of hours after the publication, the shot scored more than 5,000 "likes", and fans wrote many compliments to the model: "You are beautiful with any hair color", "You are such a doll!", "Beautiful hair color" , "It's very good! Dark shade brings out the light color of your eyes, "" Very stylish and elegant, "" Looks stunning. "

However, some subscribers noted that now Kristina looks older and advised Romanova to go back to her natural hair color.


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