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Kate Kishchuk was shammed by followers!


How to ignore insults?

The other day, a former member of the SEREBRO band, Kate Kishchuk, published an appeal to her followers, in which she said that she was actively bullied after giving birth. The star admitted that her direct is simply inundated with messages in which "kind" people strongly recommend her to watch her figure. 

Of course, receiving such messages is extremely unpleasant, so the singer decided to speak out. She noted that poisoning people for their appearance is not normal for modern society, and also that everyone has the right to look the way he himself will be comfortable. Katya shared before and after photos with subscribers, showed her diet, thanks to which she had already lost weight from 73 to 62 kilograms. At this weight, she feels quite comfortable, so she does not strive for the stereotypical figures of 42 kilograms.


Kate Kishchuk

Recall that in the summer Kishchuk gave birth to her boyfriend, the British rapper Slowthai, a son. The boy was called an unusual name - Rain. The singer was happy to share photos during pregnancy and absolutely did not complex about the natural changes in her body. And it should be noted that she always looks amazing. Photo: Instagram Katya Kischuk

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