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"Insomnia, nervous breakdowns and fears": Oksana Voevodina on how she lived after her divorce from the ex-king of Malaysia

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Oksana wanted to tell the fans her story. Model and owner of the title "Miss Moscow - 2015" Oksana Voevodina decided to talk about how she survived the divorce from the former king of Malaysia Muhammad V.


The socialite called the period of parting with the ex-spouse the most difficult in her life. The star assures: it seems to many that she easily recovered after breaking up with her lover, but this is not so. According to her, each person goes through their stages on the path to full recovery from the trauma resulting from the breakdown of the family.

"My recovery was accompanied by insomnia, nervous breakdowns, endless fears about the future ..." - wrote Voevodina.

She also stressed that she was very worried about her child from Muhammad V, since she was the only person in the world who is now responsible for him.


According to Oksana, she always dreamed of giving birth in marriage and love, and she hoped that for her husband the child would be the biggest dream in life. However, in reality, everything happened differently. "Not a trace was left of love and marriage," said instadiva.

In conclusion, she promised followers to tell more details about how she fought depression after the divorce, and also asked what followers would like to know the most. Oksana believes that she can help many of her readers who find themselves in a difficult life situation.


Recall that Oksana Voevodina married the king of Malaysia in the fall of 2018. For the sake of his beloved, the ruler, as you know, even abdicated the throne. In May 2019, the couple had a son, Leon. However, the marriage soon fell apart. According to the information on the Web, the initiator of the separation was Muhammad V.

Photo: Legion-Media

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