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"He looks awesome”: Lena Perminova about the 30-year age difference with her oligarch husband

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Lena Perminova's husband is almost 30 years older than her. However, this does not affect their relationship in any way: the couple has been living in perfect harmony for 17 years and is raising four children.

Lena Perminova actively maintains a personal blog and often answers subscribers' questions. So often she is asked about the impressive age difference with her husband, entrepreneur Alexander Lebedev. The blonde notes that she does not feel her.

“I always didn’t give a damn about any discussions, condemnations. My husband looks awesome, very educated, with an amazing sense of humor, it is interesting with him and you feel like behind a stone wall. And most importantly, we are good with each other. And this is a thousand times better than being next to an empty, uneducated, non-respecting man, even if he is a young handsome man. Relationships are something else. No wonder we have been together for 17 years, and we have four beautiful children, ”the 35-year-old model shares.

Followers are interested in a mother of many children, is she afraid that Alexander, like other rich men, will suddenly leave her and her children and leave her with nothing? “Men are different. I can say about my husband that here he behaves with dignity. And he has not offended his ex-wife financially for more than 25 years, he supports her in everything as his son. Therefore, pay attention to how they treat ex-wives and children. If there are any,” writes Lena. "Don't care about the condemnation.


He looks awesome”: Lena Perminova about the age difference with her oligarch husband

Perminova admitted that she was very lucky to meet a man like Alexander. From her youth, she wanted to become a mother and fulfilled her dream with him. Now the couple has three sons and a daughter. DON'T MISS IT Lena Perminova: “Our baby was born three weeks ahead of schedule”

“I gave birth to the first at 22 only because from the age of 16 I began to dream of children. Abroad, me and my gang cause shock and surprise in people. There is a completely different order of life, there, first of all, they live for themselves, make a career, relax, and only then think about the family, being already a mature person, ”Lena reasoned.


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