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Fedor Smolov's mother opens up why her son divorced Victoria Lopyreva

Forward of Russian national football team Fedor Smolov and beauty queen Victoria Lopyreva began dating back in 2012. A year later, they threw a grand wedding ceremony in Bali. But the couple broke up last year. Then Victoria said that Fedor is not ready for family life - he was more interested in entertainment.

Fedor Smolovand Victoria Lopyreva

Fedor Smolov's mother first publicly commented on the divorce of her son with model and TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva. She admitted that the athlete was given hard break with his wife. After all, they were often far apart: Fedor was at the training camp, and Victoria - on the set, and social events.

Victoria Lopyreva

Victoria Lopyreva Instagram / lopyrevavika

"I can not say, of course, but maybe they just were not able to save their relationship. For Fedor it was hard enough: I think, he loved her. Maybe at some point the distance played a role: Fedor in training at the training camp, Victoria is making a career - she is a TV presenter and fashion model, she is a successful, in high demand, it also requires a lot of effort. Somewhere, it turns out, it was the lack of time for Fedor. It seems to me, Fedor loves home comfort, attention. Perhaps that is why a girl who decides to be with him, must fit him", - shared Smolova.

Fedor Smolov Instagram / smolovfedor10

Irina noted that both player and model have been through a painful breakup. She said that Fedor very loved his wife and divorce has becomea real trauma for him. The woman confessed that she and Lopyreva had very warm relations, and the ex-daughter-in-law touchingly called her mother.

"In the three years that they were together, I built very good relations with her,  it was so touching and flattering, when she called me Mom. Vika and I communicate in a completely normal way now". - said Irina.

Victoria Lopyreva Victoria Lopyreva Instagram / lopyrevavika


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