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Deva Cassel with unshaven armpits in a new photo shoot


The daughter of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel, Deva, posted a series of new pictures on social networks with herself as a model. A photo shoot by fashion photographer Nicholas Falls caused a strong reaction from the public - many Internet users considered it too provocative.

The fact is that in some pictures Deva poses, hiding behind only her hands or seashells, and also shows unshaven armpits.

"What's next? Will women start growing mustaches because they're strong and independent?" — wrote one of the followers of the model. Another agreed: "Oh my God, why did you raise your hands?". However, there were those who supported the Virgin. “People can’t come to terms with the fact that someone can be beautiful with body hair, and someone will remain nondescript and rotten even with perfectly smooth skin, without a single extra hair,” commented a user with the nickname hey.lee. may.


There is no doubt that Vincent Cassel liked the photo shoot - he wrote a comment with one word "Deva!" and heart emoji. An enthusiastic emoticon was left in the comments by his, according to rumors, former lover Tina Kunakey. She always got along well with Deva, and, apparently, Tina's breakup with Vincent did not affect the girls' relationship.

Earlier, Deva Cassel starred in an advertising campaign for Dolce Violet perfume from the Dolce line by Dolce & Gabbana.



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