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Alena Shishkova spoke about how to survive betrayal


According to the model, there are two scenarios for the development of relations after betrayal.

Alena Shishkova is perhaps one of the most enviable brides in Russian show business. After the end of the affair with Timur Yunusov, better known to the public under the pseudonym Timati, the 27-year-old model has not yet managed to build a long-term relationship. It is known that Shishkova prefers not to expand on her personal life. Nevertheless, she was romantically linked with such stars as Pavel Durov, Oleg Miami, Mansur Dzhambekov and others. However, Alena Shishkova still has not found happiness in a relationship. Today, answering a question from one of the Internet users, the star spoke about how to survive betrayal by a partner.


Alena Shishkova

“It all depends on the behavior of the one who has cheated. If he did it by accident, he asks for forgiveness - this is one scenario. If he cheated and said “she’s a fool, but I’m leaving,” this is, of course, more painful, and there is no magic remedy here and there will never be. Time! Either you devour yourself, remembering the past, or you love infinitely and go to your new and happy future! " - noted Alena. The model explained that there are two ways the situation can develop. The first is to forgive the guilty partner, the second is to experience pain and open up to new people who will gradually come to life. At the same time, ex-beloved Timati emphasized that only time can heal an insult.


It is worth noting that Alena Shishkova also faced infidelity on the part of her chosen one in life. In this context, we are talking about her former lover Timati. According to rumors, the rapper had an affair with the current passion Anastasia Reshetova, while still in a civil marriage with Alena. Moreover, at that time the model was at a decent gestational age. True, the stars themselves preferred not to comment on this information.

We add that the hip-hop artist met Shishkova in 2012. A romantic relationship immediately began between them, as a result of which, literally a year later, a daughter, Alice, was born in the sunny Dominican Republic. However, after the birth of the child, the lovers decided to leave. According to one version, the reason was the rapper's connection with Anastasia Reshetova. According to the other, Alena refused the rapper's offer to marry him. However, despite the breakup, the ex-lovers maintained friendly relations for the sake of their daughter.



Alena Shishkova with her daughter Alice

Unlike Alena, Timati quickly found his own happiness. In 2015, it became known about he started an affair with Anastasia Reshetova. The couple hid a romantic relationship for a long time. Only in 2017, Nastya and Timur began to share joint pictures on social networks. Despite the fact that Reshetova, according to rumors, did not wait for the marriage proposal from the chosen one, in October last year she gave the rapper a son, Ratmir. According to sources, after the birth of the heir, Alena and Anastasia became more friendly towards each other. So, for example, the girls took part in a joint photo shoot for one cosmetic brand, after which many believed that Reshetova and Shishkova were no longer rivals.


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