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55-year old Top manager of the "Lukoil" Valentin Ivanov started romance with 17-year-olf model Liza Adamenko

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Recently the Russian media paid attention to the 55-year-old top manager of the company "Lukoil" in Singapore Valentin Ivanov and his passion, 17-year-old model Liza Adamenko.

Despite the fact that Valentin Ivanov, head of the Singapore branch of "Lukoil" company, has been living with model Liza Adamenko for years, the media drew attention to a couple just now. According to media reports, the young mistress of a millionaire is 37 years younger than him. At the same time the girl's parents aware of the situation and approve of her choice.

Media have no information on education of Liza Adamenko, but it is known that she lives in Singapore, works as a model – she was shooting for fashion magazines and advertising of Russian brands. And, despite the fact that the long-legged beauty just turned 17 years old, she is not afraid to engage in a very provocative and even candid photoshoot.

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Adamenko is not keeping her relationship with a top manager of "Lukoil" a secret - a pair often publishes in their microblogs joint photos. "You know, I'm cooling you off, but you are warming me up! Always", - every picture of the model is accompanied by some sort of romantic message.

However, many of the 65 thousand people who have subscribed to Liza on the Instagram, think that this union may be a bit more calculated than Liza let on. These relationships allow the girl to lead a luxurious lifestyle - she regularly post photographs of herself, going on the yacht, driving expensive cars, making "raids" on the designer boutiques. She already has her own collection of luxury jewelry.

Model Liza Adamenko said in microblog about the affair with 55-year-old managing director of concern "Lukoil" in Singapore, Valentin Ivanov. She posted message on her Instagram page:

"How great it is to grow up and understand. To understand the world as it is, and to be loved. Being loved as much as possible. When he crosses half the world to see you, leaving all his work, knowing that you are afraid to fly alone or just afraid to stay without him. When you can not sleep without his hand under your head. When you did not need any words, I takes one look -… it's perfectly fine thank you, love, "- she wrote.


Adamenko about a year ago commented on the relationship with Ivanov in the group "VKontakte".

"Why do you think if a girl deals with a man older than herself, that person will automatically become a whore, and he will become a "sugar daddy"? A new level of communication, that's what I'll tell you. Stay on your “herd" level, and we all together are going to celebrate 55th Anniversary of my man! "- wrote Adamenko.

Adamenko wth Valentin Ivanov

Liza Adamenko with mother

Exact age of Adamenko is unknown. According to the Medium publication, she is 16 years old. According to the publication of "Prospekt Mira" Adamenko is 17 years old.


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