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18-year-old model Liza Adamenko FINALLY explains the truth behind her marriage with 55-year-old oligarch Valentin Ivanov

The luxurious life of 18-year-old model Liza Adamenko had made her the envy of many. The girl shared photos of walks on the yacht, expensive cars, talked about shopping, expensive brands and jewelry. Adamenko's wedding with 55-year-old oligarch Valentin Ivanov, which took place at the Chateau Saint Jeannet in Nice, was also perhaps the most scandalous event of 2016: a young bride standing at the altar with the Lukoil top manager was only 16 years old.

The newlyweds moved to Singapore, where they lived a happy life for several months. However, the fairytale of a businessman and his Lolita quickly ended when conflicting photos and videos with Liza's participation as well as letters written allegedly by her husband have been leaked online.

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The other day, all social network accounts of Adamenko were hacked, after which caption "Karma is the bitch" appeared on her "Instagram" and several hundred thousand followers saw how the model and her husband actually lived. In the video Liza is seen with a young man, gently kissing him, and then lying with him in bed. As it turned out, Liza spent most of her time outside the house, having fun with her friends and receiving threatening letters, allegedly from Valentin.

"Liz, come on without childish maximalism, what are you trying to do?" You do not fulfill our agreements, and I see no reason to do it, no offense. You boast of recent and past intimate photos with your boy on the Internet, insulting and humiliating not only me, but our parents as well. Do not we agree otherwise? You insult me ​​in our house, put your hands on me, as you say, shouting again that you were hit, though the opposite is true. The whole world is savoring your cheating on me, you do not value relationships. You had a chance with me, but ... Now it makes no sense even to start".

According to the couple's close friends, Adamenko and Ivanov didn't get along with each other since the the fall, then Liza left the house for the first time, not wanting to see her husband.

"She stopped loving him a long time ago," the friends of the oligarch shared with - There were constant scandals. Indeed, sometimes they had a fight. Recently they came to the United States for shooting in a video of Rita Dakota, apparently, they has a fight there.

In the correspondence, which appeared on the Internet, her husband hints at the possibility that her contract with the modeling agency IMG Models will be canceled in case of breach.

"Turn your brains on and think about it again, you yourself share photos with your bi-gay to attract his attention. There is a date under every photo, you are suspected of immoral behaviour on the Internet, they say, you were constantly cheating on your husband. Did you want this for yourself? If you want to follow in Elena Berkova's footsteps, then your choice is, of course, the right one ". contacted Liza herself, who confirmed that her social network accounts and e-mail were hacked.

- I know that now all my social network accounts no longer belong to me. I'm scared to see what's being posted on them right now, so I do not go there.

After your social network accounts were hacked, the images with another young man were leaked. What can you say about this?

I did not cheat on my husband. At that time, we had already parted ways and I had a relationship with an American. We do not live together since November. The video with him was in my ipad, but it was hacked too, and this video was sent to my mail by my ex-husband. Later, my mail was also hacked, like absolutely all of my social network accounts. God will forgive my husband, and I will forgive, but I have done no harm to anyone, and I do not know why it was necessary to betray me this way.

You say that you have not lived together for a long time, why did you then flew with him to New York?

We parted ways heavily, I left him in November, but periodically returned to him. But most of the time we lived separately. We flew to US for the shooting of the video, it was planned for a long time. But I finally realized that it was unbearable to live like this.


Do you have any idea who could hack your social network accounts?

I think, judging by the caption "Fate is a Bitch written in my account, it can be one of my friends, Denis Nicolero. He accuses me that he was not taken to my college in Singapore, because I insisted on it. You know, I do not understand how the people that I helped myself so much, gave presents and always wanted only good things, can take revenge on me. All my videos and photos were stolen. Even a photo session with my best friend Chian was associated with this cheating rumor. He studies with me at the faculty, but on a course younger, we have only friendly relations with him. After separation from Valentin, I had only a relationship with the person with whom I kiss on the video. I do not see anything terrible in that people are kissing.

You say "ex-husband" - you have already filed for divorce?

Our marriage certificate was signed in Nice, France. It is invalid even in France, and in other countries. Now I call this person simply "nobody". I hope that he will simply not appear in my life again. I do not want to be with him even on one continent.

Wedding of Valentin Ivanov and Liza Adamenko Photo:

Do you think that your marriage went wrong? Your wedding was a scandalous event because of the age difference, but you claimed that you were happy with Valentin.

You Know...this may sound funnyI always said that age difference does not matter. We have just different interests with him, he can not accept that I'm a beautiful and popular girl, that people like to look at me and make compliments to me, constantly pay attention. Maybe he himself receives less attention than he wants, and can not be self-sufficient because of this. He does not respect himself, because a man who is a woman-beater, he's a disgrace to the name of man. There were always disagreements, disputes and misunderstandings between us. I never behaved like an errand girl, did not let him press up against me, wasn't his lackey and never asked for anything. On the contrary, I was eager to earn my money. I never was not bending over backwards for anyone, but, apparently, he needed just the one whom he could control.

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When did you decide to spend your life with him, how he attracted you?

I thought that we were soul mates, but, unfortunately, I was very wrong. I thought it was love. But now I can say that if you think, or doubt, if there is no certainty, then there is no need to marry. We did not love each other, it was only a force of habit. He constantly hacked my phone, checked, controlled. Our relationship has never been built on mutual trust. And no matter how much I tried, I did not talk, I tried to solve the problem peacefully and reasonably, everything was useless. I'm glad that all this has finally ended.

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