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Discover The new Ikea and Hay collaboration

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The Scandinavian collaboration we've all been waiting for is now available to shop

October is upon us and with it comes a brilliant new partnership involving two of Scandinavia's best, Ikea and Hay. The Swedish company that revolutionised interior furnishing and brought flatpack furniture to the world hardly needs any introduction but some may be unfamiliar with Hay.

In 2002, the design company Hay was started by husband-and-wife duo Mette and Rolf Hay in Copenhagen, Denmark. A step into their showroom or even a browse through the brand's products will incite a desire to throw obscene amounts of money at the counter for a complete home revamp using only Hay's goods. They have struck gold with their aesthetic: a perfect balance of Nordic minimalism and uber-coveted new world design sensibilities.

"Rolf and I always describe HAY as being between architecture, fashion and art. Our furniture is very much linked to architecture and our accessories are very much linked to fashion." —Mette Hay, co-founder of Hay

Named 'Ypperlig', the collaborative project combines various materials, colours and production techniques to create items that seamlessly slot themselves into your everyday (as Ikea has famously done for years) but offer an elevated concept and appeal. Call it upgraded basics, if you will. For instance, in place of the sofa bed, a sleeper sofa is introduced. Simplified by manufacturing the seat using a spring mattress, a sleek, hassle-free seater can now beautifully take up residence in your living room. 01 / 03 Over 60 products make up the collection—amongst them, a very enticing upgrade to the iconic Ikea 'Frakta' tote bag; now available in muted shades of chic. A better look at the products awaits below and an empty cart awaits at all Ikea stores. 

Discover more here or shop the collection at your nearest Ikea store.

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