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Dima Bilan showed his posh house

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Celebrities rarely show their house or apartment, keeping it "private". However, Dima Bilan decided to show fans a place where he spends his free time. One of these days the singer has shared photos of his posh house.

Dima moved in his home only two years ago, after a long time he had carefully built it, taking into consideration all the details. "Well, one thing that I've learned, is to think things through.. Otherwise, for example, you forget that you are left-handed, and the doors open in an uncomfortable way. Actually, thanks to the arrangement of the house, I have learned a lot.

The singer admitted that the design of his house is very unusual. The rooms are full of rare things that Dima chose himself.

"So the house has a secret room, which can be accessed through the cabinet. There are chair-swings, glass floor, a pair of telescopes. Bricks for some of the walls were taken from Saint-Petersburg. They are old, left over from the dismantling of various buildings: apartment buildings, some of the plant or the candy factory. Some of them are more than a hundred years old, some with monograms and names. These bricks are more expensive than usual, but they give the house a certain spirituality. I actually have a lot of old objects in the interior: given and purchased at a flea market "- said the singer.

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