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Sensual women's portraits by Yana Strizh

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Photographer's goals are simple, yet complex: to craft aesthetically pleasing and sensual photographs which marry technical skill with emotional impact. She brings humor, energy and just a bit of eccentricity into each session resulting in a fun and creative atmosphere in which ideas are exchanged and art evolves both logically and naturally.

This photographs have a timeless quality and evoke in you the sense of awe, occupy your whole body, mind and spirit... Her photography is a triumph of laces and flounces, refined details and tender pastel colours.



The forest nymphs, goddesses, femme fatales - all the women as beautiful and voluptuous as celestial beings. For photographer every woman is a sensual, alluring Venus, Eva or Odylle. Charming, a little bit sad goddess, the mysteriously smiling Madonna, the most beautiful of goddesses, Aphrodite, who exudes a singular charm… Sometimes viewer is pretty sure her name's Lolita, girl with powers of fascination, the object of admiration for an older man. Sometimes she is a saint and sometimes a sinner. In any way, she could outshine everybody no matter how little she wore.


Photographer’s women's portraits distinguished by the ability to reveal the inner beauty, emphasized by mysterious play of light and shadow. There's a sort of an epic romantic feel to this, and photographer wanted things to look like a painting. By opening up viewer’s senses and curiosity, photographer brings him back to life in a different age. That’s why every picture looks like a timeless portrait, painted by Rembrandt, Tizian or Michelangelo.


Sometimes looking at her photographs is much more "sensuous" than watching a movie. Photographer makes her model go to the boudoir and seduce. She enhances female curves without being confining. Dressing her models in lace, photographer let viewer follow her into her sensual fantasies. She permits the passionate parts to receive attention, turning her photographs into a chamber art, fit for a private collection.

Unusual beauty, grace, decorative effect of details create the fine conditionality, sensation of unity, fantasy and reality. That chirotic dimension of being in love with one of these woman makes you want to sustain it. Photographer makes viewer feel he is from another century, watching models through the keyhole.

Fulfilling viewer’s dreams, photographer all inspired by her own gratifying pleasure. Shooting models under the cloak of darkness, in the rain, in forests, she likes to be caught up in her own delusions. Photography for her is the way she combines fantasy and reality. Photographer doesn’t describe process of shooting as a “work”. “During one of my shoots we just lived in the woods, in the rain, enjoying aroma of roses”, - she explains.

Every single detail in her photographs has a hidden meaning and every her portrait shows also the inner life of the person, draws attention to the individuality.




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