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Svetlana Loboda graced the poster of the Till Lindemann's band


Singer Svetlana Loboda appeared on the poster of the Lindemann group, founded by Rammstein singer Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren.

On her Instagram, the artist posted a poster with the name of the band and the caption "Frau & Mann" (woman and man. - Ed.). The names below are also listed: Till Lindemann, Peter Tägtgren, Loboda and Peter Stormare.

On the poster, the singer is depicted in a light dress in the arms of an astronaut, who brings her into a room through a door from which space can be seen.

In the caption for the publication, Loboda only wrote: "Frau und Mann", but did not specify what exactly this image means. The artist's followers suggested in the comments that this could be a poster for the music video and song of the Lindemann band.

Singer Svetlana Loboda got on the poster of the Lindemann side-project of the lead singer of the German metal band Rammstein Till Lindemann. The promo poster depicts a Ukrainian woman in the arms of another member of the band - Swedish musician Peter Tägtgren, dressed in an astronaut costume.

The image of the Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda graced the poster for the "Frau & Mann"music video, which means "woman and man" in German. The composition will be included in the second album of the new band of the leader of Rammstein Till Lindemann called "F & M", which began its promotion on November 21st. The Honored Artist of Ukraine published an image stylized as a movie poster on Instagram.


The poster contains the names of the band and the songs "Frau & Mann", as well as the names of the musicians - Till Lindemann, Peter Tägtgren, Loboda and Peter Stormare . The singer herself is captured in a light white dress in the arms of Tägtgren, dressed in an astronaut's suit, who brings her through the door of the room against the background of outer space. Behind them are large portraits of Lindemann in a hat and Stromar in a spacesuit, depicting the German politician Erich Honecker and the naut Sigmund Jena.

In October, Lindemann posted on Instagram a funny video from St. Petersburg, in which he jokingly fights with Tägtgren on the Palace Square to the tune "My Kalinka", repeating a scene from the "Deutschland" video. Russian users left a lot of approving comments under the video and noted the musician's increased attention to Russia.

“He settled there ?!”, “How does he love Russia!”, “An ordinary day in St. Petersburg”, “You walk along the Hermitage and you can't even imagine that Till is fooling around nearby,” wrote Russian fans of Lindemann.

In anticipation of the release of the second album of his side-project, the musician said that in March he would visit Russia on tour. At the same time, Lindemann said that he was waiting for this visit with special feelings, reports TASS .

“The audience here is amazing - they are full of emotions,” the leader of Rammstein said about the Russians.

The Lindemann group was founded by Rammstein and Tägtgren in 2015. The first album "Skills in Pills" was released entirely in English, and the second album, "F&M", was performed in German. Back in August, Tägtgren wrote on his Instagram page that the band's new release was "ready, mixed and produced." On the night of November 21, almost simultaneously with Loboda, he published a poster of a new song on the social network, while refraining from details. Lindemann himself did not publish a post in the feed at all, limiting himself to publishing a promo image in a "story" without any comments.

Since the end of 2017, fans and the press have been talking about the romance between Loboda and the German musician, but the artists avoid straightforward answers to questions about the relationship. Lindemann is also rumored father of Loboda's second daughter - the singer named her Tilda and decided not to disclose the name of the child's father.

Last year, due to severe back pain and loss of consciousness, Loboda was urgently hospitalized in Moscow, and Lindemann took the artist from the hospital. According to RIA Novosti , the leader of Rammstein, who arrived in the Russian capital to present his chamber literary and musical concert, then dropped his business and went for Loboda to a medical facility.

Two weeks later, Svetlana performed with a concert tour in Germany, and Lindemann attended her performance in Berlin. According to eyewitnesses, the popular German vocalist watched the singer's show from the VIP box, and after the concert he left with her in an unknown direction.

Recently, the artists have practically ceased to hide their relationship. In October, the singer celebrated her 37th birthday with Lindemann and posted on Instagram a photo from the festive feast, captioning it with the words “My day. My night. " In addition to the leader of Rammstein, Tägtgren, Georgian fashion designer Bicholla Tetradze and some members of the singer's creative team attended the event.


The event in honor of Loboda's birthday was held in St. Petersburg - according to media reports, in one of the most beloved cities of Lindemann. In early November, he announced on the page of his project that he would perform in the northern capital of Russia on March 2, and then go on tour to Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Moscow and Novosibirsk.




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