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Pictures of proverbs and sayings about cats - how the neural network sees it?


And when "cats scratch at heart" - it's really scary. "Pig in a poke", "everything down the drain" ... - this is how the neural network sees it. We need to draw literal pictures according to proverbs and sayings with cats and cats. It turned out powerful.

"Play cat and mouse"

That is, to cheat, to play a dishonest game. The neural network, however, considered that the cat and mouse is one such playful hamster-like animal. Although, perhaps the mouse is a spotted ball for cat tennis.


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"All down the drain"

About efforts that were in vain. A black hole under the cat's tail, where everything falls through - it's even poetic.


The cat ran" (between someone)

So they say, when a disagreement occurred between people, hostility arose. As a rule - if it happened abruptly. The real cat, of course, is not to blame - it was believed that the devil himself slipped between her relatives in her image.


"The cat ran"

"In love like a cat"

So they say about a person, usually a woman, who is passionately in love.


"Cat in a bag"

When it is not known what they take without looking. And it would be worth a look - look at what an unfriendly muzzle he has! "Pig in a bag"


"Look for a black cat in a dark room"

That is, to look for something that most likely does not exist - for example, to try to verify the truth of a deliberately false statement.


"Cat will shed mouse tears"

This is said when it is assumed that someone will suffer for the evil done to them. "Cat will shed mouse tears"


"All cats are gray in the dark"

The old analogue of the fashionable “not everything is so simple” is that in crisis situations it is as difficult as possible to figure out who is right and who is wrong.


"All cats are gray at night"

"Cats scratch at heart"

About the state when the soul is vague, anxious. And the neural network now believes that cats in their hearts not only scratch, but also hiss ..


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