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From boy to girl: The Asta woman from Black Clover steals the show in an eye-catching new gender-bending illustration


The protagonist of Black Clover is known as one of the most over-the-top and loudest characters fans have encountered. In anime, it's quite rare to see Asta not yelling at someone, and his energy levels are off the charts. He is always motivated and constantly participates in strength training to improve his physique since he has no magic.

Black Clover has amassed a huge community filled with talented people. This community has created some amazing fan art that not only replicates the character, but also has a unique approach. In this case, a talented artist drew the main character of anime and manga, but changed his gender.

This fan art features a gender-bending version of Asta that has been making waves on Reddit, a popular forum among anime fans. Fans not only appreciated this, but also expressed constructive criticism towards the artist.

Black Clover: Asta's gender-bending fan art confuses fans on Reddit

What If Asta Was A Girl by @HoneXStage by u/MonkApprehensive4624 on BlackClover

Right away we can see that Asta's face is slightly narrower and her upper body has feminine features. In addition, a scar is still visible on his torso. The same wavy hair texture plays a huge role in maintaining Asta's personality. Black Clover fans liked it for the most part; however, they had a few suggestions that could take this illustration to the next level.

One of the most common observations made by fans of Black Clover was that the gender-bent version of Asta resembled Mereoleona. Vermillion. The texture and length of the hair are very similar to the character's hair. This, combined with Asta's new feminine traits, increased the similarity.

Fans also gave the actress another suggestion regarding Asta's proportions. Given the character's obsession with training, the hunched Asta would have had a larger frame with muscular limbs. In this version, Asta's arms were quite slender and slender, lacking any signs of muscle growth. 

Overall, fans seemed to enjoy this illustration and thanked the artist for drawing Anti-Magic Boy this way. Additionally, one fan pointed out Noelle's reaction to Asta in the illustration and stated that she might blush even though Asta is a female character. Comment by u/gintamaissigma from the discussion What if Asta was a girl by @HoneXStage 

Final Thoughts Overall, this exceptional anime fan art presents Asta in a new light. Gender illustration is quite common in the anime community, but not all pieces of fan art manage to retain the identity of the original character. The artist put in a lot of effort in this case, but there were a few things that could have taken this illustration to the next level.

A larger frame would certainly help make it look more like Asta's original character design. Also, adding Noelle to the illustration and capturing her reaction to Asta's transformation into a woman was a stroke of genius. This adds another layer to the fan art and makes it much more enjoyable to look at.

Fans not only loved the illustration, but also actively participated in various discussions related to this character. This is a clear sign that the animanga community liked it.

Stay tuned for more Black Clover anime and manga news in 2023.

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