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Artist Sasha Pivovarova


In addition to the fact that Sasha Pivovarova is a beautiful girl, as well as one of the most popular models, she is also a promising artist who is already predicted to be successful in the field of contemporary art.


Artist Sasha Pivovarova.

Before moving to New York, Sasha studied at the Moscow State University for the Humanities at the Faculty of Art History and painted all the time. Now she has learned how to properly manage her free time - many hours of waiting for the show, long flights, breaks between filming - she does not part with her sketchbook. In her drawings, a girl with big eyes most often appears. Most of them are self-portraits, and the rest are similar ones are her model friends.

Her work has already been published in L'Officiel and Vogue, and in Paris she had a personal exhibition. Now Sasha is giving all her strength to the career of a model, which is in full swing, because she is only 22 years old. And she speaks openly about her plans for the future: she dreams of opening her own gallery in New York.


Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image number 2. Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image number 3. Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image No. 4. Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image No. 5. Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image No. 6. Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image No. 7. Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image No. 8. Artist Sasha Pivovarova.


Image No. 9.


By the way, another hobby of Sasha is taking pictures of herself in the reflection of mirrors.

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