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Ballet Couples: Kristina Shapran + Timur Askerov

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She danced Juliet, he danced Romeo. Anyway, that's how they met: principal dancer of Mariinsky Ballet theater Timur Askerov and soloist, performing the most romantic parts in the world Kristina Shapran.


"Earlier in theaters it was usual to create a constant ballet couples: Natalia Dudinskaya and Konstantin Sergeyev, Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev, Tatiana Terekhova and Sergei Berezhnoy. Partners got used to each other, they were easy to work together. Now this practice is absent. It is considered that the artist must dance with different partners. But I want to believe that we are paired with Timur not by chance that it is something more. (Laughs.) Our first collaboration was the ballet "Romeo and Juliet", and at first time we were just unbearable together because of misunderstandings.


I wanted to ask not to be paired with him. But once on a summer weekend, when Timur planned a vacation with friends, we still had to come to the theater for a rehearsal. I felt like he was displeased, at some point I broke down and decided to tell him sternly: "Timur, if you do not want, you can leave." However, my voice broke and I burst into tears, so much anger accumulated during this time. And at the same time everything has changed, the rehearsal then began to pass more easily, funny moments have started to appear.

I understand that with him you have to be a woman - vulnerable, sensitive and one step behind him. I think it's terrible when competition begins, and I am very happy with our position: Timur is a principal dancer, and I am a soloist, not a prima ballerina. When we fail to understand, Timur behaves wisely, because I'm emotional and quick-tempered, and he is sober - quietly smoothes things over and makes concessions, for which I am grateful".


"On February 4, we danced "Swan Lake" together: It was the first time Kristina performed the role of Odette-Odile and I have been dancing Prince Siegfried for five years. After all these years, this role should no longer cause such strong emotions, but I still discover something new, watching Kristina builds the image. It gives me a new spark. It was the same with our first joint ballet "Romeo and Juliet", although at first her comments terribly annoyed me, I was making those awful faces and expressed my total rejection. I gave her my hand, and Kristina asked to do it more tender. I repeated the motion, and she wanted even more tender. I used to say: "Who sees this hand there?!"

But then I realized that they had seen everything: from our teacher’s reaction, and then from the recorded video, I learned that the Kristina’s advices were serious and practical. She was right, it was necessary to listen before, and did not resist. In our profession every gesture, every glance matters. Thanks to Kristina, I began to invest more effort into the drama. I think that all men should become a bit henpecked, both in life and in work. The most important thing - to get a positive result".


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