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Ziyad Manasir's daughter Diana on her relationship with her parents and older sister Helen


The father of our heroine has long been in the Forbes magazine rating . But a huge fortune is not the main wealth in the life of oil tycoon Ziyad Manasir (50). The businessman has 5 children, and one of them is an Instagram star, 17-year-old Diana Manasir. Now everyone is discussing her relationship with 23-year-old businessman Rostik Bagirov. Diana told PEOPLETALK about her studies in London, her relationship with her parents and her beloved older sister Helen .


I am a college student in the UK . This is not like Moscow colleges, where you choose four core subjects on your own. I gave preference to mathematics, art, English literature and science (it's something like biology). I plan to enter the University of Arts and connect my life with art, so it has become my main subject.

I do not think that in the future I will seriously engage in fashion, it is rather my hobby. Knowing how to dress beautifully is great, but I don’t plan to connect my life with this.


I have never been a star child. At the age of 12, I started my Instagram page and I think that they began to subscribe to me for two reasons: either due to a well-known surname, or because of my sister's popularity on social networks. It all ended with our entire family being actively followed by Instagram users.

My older sister Helen is definitely a huge influence on me. She, like her parents, lives in Moscow and is my closest person. I think that Helen is even closer to me than my parents, because it is to her that I can entrust absolutely everything.

In fact, the college where I study is quite popular among the representatives of Ukraine and Russia, quite a lot of Russian-speaking children study there. I have no spiteful critics , but at first they looked at me a little askance. Now I, perhaps, communicate with everyone.


There is no prejudice against Russians here, because the school is still international . We are treated exactly the same as everyone else , because children from both China and Africa study here.

Drawing is not exactly a hobby, I have to do it according to the curriculum. At our school, it is mandatory to have sketchbooks, on which you need to constantly work. But the list of my hobbies has always included tennis, and swimming, and drawing, and yoga. Now I have two hobbies, which in our school are called activities - cooking and make-up courses, which are taught to us by professionals.

For the sake of a loved one, I am ready to stand at the stove. But spending all day in the kitchen is not my story.


In 10-15 years, I would like to have a family: a husband and at least one child. Of course, I would like to somehow realize myself in my kind of activity, which I will decide on in the near future. I plan to live in England, but, being there for a long time, I start to miss Russia . Not so much about the house, but about the people living there. But I even like it.

The ideal family in my mind is a husband, wife and two children. I myself grow up in a very large family, but I don’t see myself as a mother-heroine. ( Laughs. )

I can’t name some favorite place on earth, but I always really look forward to the holidays, because we are leaving with my family to rest in Sardinia . My favorite place in England is my home. I am inspired by people who have achieved a lot in life.

The biggest disadvantage of the current generation of young people, I think, is the incredible dependence on money and the desire to show it to the whole world . It seems to me that previous generations did not flaunt their lives so openly.

My playlist mostly consists of songs by Drake , Kanye West and Rihanna , but there is also a place for artists like Florence and the Machine . Negative comments are normal because opinions vary. Ellen always taught me not to respond to such feedback, because happy people will not point out to another person his shortcomings. Such people are driven either by envy or hostility, and I understand all this very well, so I don’t react in any way.

I believe that taste can certainly be formed, it is not an innate quality. I think the society in which you live instills taste and a certain style in you. Your environment shapes your style. Mine, for example, was influenced by my sister and stepmother. They always give me good advice.

Nowadays, many children are stigmatized as "the child of famous parents . " How to treat it? Yes, probably, it should be so, if these children themselves do not yet represent anything. It seems to me that it is worth singling out a person as an independent person only when he himself achieves something in life.

Diana's Instagram: @manasirdiana


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