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Why wasn't Nina Dobrev cast in the Gossip Girl spin-off?


The series " The Vampire Diaries " and "Gossip Girl" were released more than 10 years ago and immediately gained wild popularity. Interest in Hollywood has not faded so far. So, in a recent interview, Gossip Girl casting director David Rappaport said that Nina Dobrev could play young Lily van der Woodsen in the Gossip Girl spin-off dedicated to Serena's mother. The beauty did not get this role only because of the contrast in appearance with Kelly Rutherford, who played Lily in the series. 

“She's a superstar, but she doesn't look like Kelly Rutherford. According to the script, she should be a young Kelly. Therefore, we cannot choose it. But we should remember her. And you guys need to find something for her ,” said Rappaport.

Dakota Johnson, Rooney Mara and other actresses were considered for the role of young Lily. According to David, Nina was still the best.

“ It was one of the best auditions I have ever seen for this role. I just remember thinking that in a couple of years I would say about this girl, “Oh my god, I missed this opportunity. She was so incredible !” he said.


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