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Why daughter of Angeilna Jolie changed her mind about being a boy?


A few years ago, the public watched how the appearance of Angelina Jolie's daughter was changing. Psychologist explained why Shiloh no longer dresses like a boy. 

The daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Shiloh felt like a boy from childhood. Even as a child, she dressed in men's clothing and asked to be called a man's name. She later cut her hair short and was rumored to be planning to have sex reassignment surgery. 

The other day in the United States was the premiere of a new film with the participation of the actress. She came to the carpet along with all the children. The public was shocked by the appearance of Shiloh. She chose a beautiful beige dress. Many have decided that the heiress of the artists no longer wants to look like a boy.


"It's too early to talk about Shiloh's gender identity. The fact that she appeared in women's clothing suggests that Shiloh is still in search of gender identity," - psychologist commented.

The psychologist also explained the reason for such a change in gender identity. Everything, of course, comes from childhood. The environment of the child greatly affects all areas of his life.

"In addition to innate biological factors, the child is influenced by the role models of behavior of men and women in his environment. It happens that in the family the role of a woman seems unattractive to the child. For example, the mother, from the point of view of the child, constantly suffers and suffers, while the father, on the contrary, everything is fine, and his life is easy. The girl has a strong desire to be like dad, to be a boy. Perhaps this happened in the Jolie-Pitt family, where anxious Angelina constantly suspected Pitt of cheating and suffered from it, "explained the expert.

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