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Why 19-year-old Kotashenko chose 54-year-old Gradsky: psychologist answers



Marina was initially looking for an adult man who could take care of her.

Unequal marriages have always been the subject of discussion. In recent months, almost every second material in the press is devoted to the relationship between Alexander Gradsky and Marina Kotashenko, who was 35 years younger than her husband. By the way, the 54-year old musician began to live with his future wife when she was only 19 years old.

The editors of Utro-Novosti contacted psychologist Anna Zavgorodneva. The expert was asked why young attractive women are ready to live life with older men and whether such relationships can be harmonious:

“In general, families where a man is much older than a woman are already the norm, and not an exception to the rule. If we turn to history, there were a huge number of such marriages. The fact is that the reproductive age of men is practically unlimited, which cannot be said about women. Initially, the marriage was not made out of crazy love, but for the sake of preserving capital and having children. So the marriage was a deal. Now we can choose a partner. Marina has such an idea about a man. It is important for her that her chosen one is an adult, wealthy and status. She could seek care and protection. Her psychological characteristics coincided with Gradsky. He could give her what she lacked. Maybe they had some common interests that we don't know about. They lived for many years, gave birth to children, which indicates the seriousness of the relationship. People, based on their ideas about the average family, where the husband and wife are the same age, begin to label and think. I'm sure they had a harmonious relationship

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