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Who is Pavel Durov's ex-wife?


Pavel Durov is one of the most closed famous men. He says almost nothing about himself, and even publishes his photos so rarely that each new post causes a stir. What can we say about the personal life of a billionaire!


This is generally a mystery with seven seals - journalists always had to fish out information bit by bit. We invite you to remember Durov's wife, who was also his first serious love.

Durov does not walk around in front of the paparazzi, so the press had to conduct real investigations in order to find out at least something about the life of the mysterious billionaire. Social network So, there is information that Pavel was married and even became a father in that marriage. The chosen one and the first serious love of the founder of Telegram was Daria Bondarenko, whom he met while studying at St. Petersburg State University.

The network even has a general photo of young people, which in the case of Durov is already weighty evidence. In addition, publicist Nikolai Kononov, who wrote a book about Durov, also published information about Daria. It was claimed that Pavel and Daria had love at first sight. 

Correspondents of the publication Life, in turn, declassified Durov's children - according to them, in 2009 the couple had a son, and in 2010 - a daughter. Journalists claimed that they managed to see documents from the registry office confirming the birth of children.

The entrepreneur himself, of course, did not comment on the information, and VK representatives called it all gossip. 


Nevertheless, in the press, Daria to this day remains Durov's most "official" lover. The evidence regarding the billionaire's other alleged girlfriends is even more ephemeral.

Daria has been living abroad for more than eight years now. She seems to spend most of her time in Spain and Italy (she calls Rome her favorite city), but also travels extensively throughout Europe.


Daria shares her photos, but she doesn’t talk about her personal life either.


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