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Who could become the First Lady of the USA instead of Melania Trump? You will be surprised!

Melania Trump

Donald (70) and Melania Trump (36) played a magnificent wedding in 2005 year. But another woman could be in the shoes of Slovenian model - the famous British actress Emma Thompson (57). It turns out that back in the nineties Trump offered her to become his mistress. 

Emma Thompson

Thompson said that Trump became interested in her during the filming of "Primary Colors" - the plot of the picture is based on the political struggle for the chair of the US president. Trump then did not even think of becoming president, but he has always been ladies man.

Thompson and Travolta in the movie "Primary Colors"

"I was in a movie with John Travolta (63) in Hollywood, and shortly before that I got divorced and came back from having the baby. Once the phone rang in my trailer - it did not happen before, and I was even a little scared. It's like the moose would have entered my trailer. Pick up the phone. "Hello, this is Donald Trump," says the man. "Yes? What can I do for you? "-" I thought ... can I suggest you settle in Trump Towers? You can comfortably settle in the towers. Maybe we could somehow have dinner. I think we will be very well ... "- Thompson retold their rather strange conversation.

Donald and Melania Trump

Emma answered "I'll call you back" and, of course, did not call back. . "Perhaps I should think better," the actress summed up with a laugh. Who knows, if Emma had finally agreed to a meeting with Trump, she would now be called the First Lady. 

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