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What does Nyusha see as the secret to family happiness?



Singer Nyusha is happily married and has a daughter who will turn two in November. In a live broadcast the celebrity spoke about what, in her opinion, is the secret of family happiness.

The artist admitted that, like the vast majority of people, she strives for harmony in marriage. Nyusha does not consider her relationship with her husband ideal, but she is sure that such a relationship, in principle, does not exist: “Every day there are some situations where you“ pump ”yourself,” the singer laughs.

The celebrity emphasizes the importance of making a daily choice in favor of happiness, the ability to defend one's interests in a relationship and the willingness to share with a partner what really seems important. “One of the keys to success in relationships, in the family, is sincerity and attentiveness. Where there is attention, there is your power, "Nyusha said in the studio of the Tema program.

Nyusha notes that some time ago she went through a serious revaluation of values, but today she considers herself a happy person and is not afraid to talk about it.

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