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What do we know about Géraldine Guyot, wife of LVMH heir Alexandre Arnault?



The couple had a secret wedding this weekend.The details of Geraldine's life are locked under seven locks. She still does not have a Wikipedia page. But despite this, the general public knows several facts that will help you compose a portrait of the chosen one of Alexandre Arnault - the heir to one of the richest people in the world, Bernard Arnault

Geraldine does not share the details of her personal life

Geraldine Guyot was born on December 18, 1992 in Paris. She prefers not to comment on her childhood, but sometimes the girl uploads happy family photos to Instagram, so there is no doubt that she maintains warm relations with her parents, brother and sister.


She received an excellent education in London

Guyot graduated in arts from the Central College of Art and Design St Martins in London, one of the oldest English-speaking design universities in the world. Geraldine is really a big fan of art - she often visits museums and exhibitions and willingly shares photos with her followers on Instagram.


Guyot herself was included in the Forbes list

Art education and love for art inspired Geraldine to open the brand, which today has 100 retail outlets on five continents. Together with her friend Letizia Lombroso, she founded the D'estrëe accessory brand in 2015. The concept was simple: the girls noticed that French women underestimate hats and decided to fix it. Over time, other accessories began to appear under the D'estrëe brand: bags, earrings and belts. By the way, Beyoncé is on the list of famous fans of the Geraldine brand. In 2020, thanks to the popularity and success of D'estrëe, Guyot and Lombroso were included in the Forbes' 30 under 30 list in the Trade & Commerce category.



She has known the Arnault family for a very long time. Geraldine, apparently, was familiar with Alexandre Arnault from childhood. When on December 22, 2020, her chosen one announced their engagement on Instagram, he wrote: "It all started in 1998 ... and now it is 'yes' for life." Before the wedding, they met for several years, and the ceremony, the details of which are kept secret, took place on July 10.



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