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What advice does Ani Lorak's nine-year-old daughter give her?



This fall, in the life of Ani Lorak's daughter, Sofia, an acting debut took place - the girl played one of the main roles in the video of her famous mother. According to Ani, Sophia is growing up as a creative person and already gives the star some advice.

“Now the kids are like“ I know everything ”. She grows up as a very confident girl, sometimes self-confident. She says: "I know," "You don't understand," "You just don't understand." This is especially true for applications, TikTok ", - said Ani in the program" Theme ".

When it comes to new fashion trends in social networks, Ani listens to the advice of her nine-year-old daughter, because she understands that the girl “feels the time” better. Nevertheless, in all global life issues, Lorak herself remains the main advisor for her daughter.


Ani often explains to Sofia the reasons for this or that behavior of people and teaches her daughter to react correctly to a variety of situations: “How to get out of crisis situations? First of all, calm down, step aside, think and not act emotionally, ”the singer shared, adding that the use of creative, not destructive power gives the best result.

By the way, Ani considers the age of nine to ten years difficult and tries to give her daughter, among other things, a psychological education, and also supports the heiress and reminds the girl that her mother will always be on her side.

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