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Vincent Cassel's new girlfriend published a joint photo with the actor

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Vincent Cassel's new girlfriend Narah Baptista, who looks like his ex-wife Tina Kunakey, congratulated the actor on his birthday and posted a photo with him .

On November 23, the famous French actor turned 57 years old. In a photo published on the model’s Instagram, which was taken in Paris, Narah is sitting on Vincent’s lap, and he hugs her with a smile on his face. “Happy birthday, dear,” wrote Baptista, addressing her lover in Portuguese.


Vincent Cassel and Narah Baptista/Instagram

Probably, the portrait of lovers was taken in the summer, since now the model looks different: she recently radically changed her image. Maybe Narah is so tired of the constant comparisons with Kassel's ex-wife that she decided to get rid of her long hair and dye her hair blonde. 

The romance between Narah and Vincent became known two months ago when they shared pictures of each other on Instagram. The actor and 27-year-old Miss Universe Australia 2020 contestant They don’t hide their feelings, regularlyget caught by the paparazzi and publish photos together.

In April of this year, Vincent Cassel broke up with his wife Tina Kunakey after seven years of relationship. The 26-year-old model, according to rumors, cheated on Cassel, which became the reason for the divorce. The former lovers, who have not yet given an official reason for the separation, are raising a four-year-old daughter, Amazonie.


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