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"Univer" actress Anna Khilkevich remembered about harassment at the age of 15


Univer's star Anna Khilkevich spoke about the director's harassment

Russian actress Anna Khilkevich shared a story about the harassment she endured early in her career. The artist's subscribers were confused by the tantalizingly cheerful manner of the storytelling and they suggested that in this way the celebrity was increasing the reach of his blog. The star of the TV series "Univer" Anna Khilkevich shared the story of the harassment she experienced in her Instagram account. The actress noted that the events described took place many years ago. She also stressed that after the scandal with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and the ensuing avalanche of public stories of harassment, she was often called by journalists with the intention to find out if something like this had happened in her life.

“I didn’t want to talk on the wave of hype because of this, and in general, apparently, I was not ready. Now I can. I will say right away - I will not name the names, I will not transfer the data. I don't need a public trial and social media burning. I am sure that that person already understands everything, ”the artist wrote.


According to Khilkevich, the most disgusting thing in this story is that then she was a fifteen-year-old teenager. “Now, from the height of my age, I understand how disgusting it looked,” continued the celebrity.

Having finished with the introductory part, the actress proceeded to the story itself, emphasizing that in those years she was an aspiring artist who was just finishing theater school and dreamed of acting in films.

“I had almost no experience in filming, filmmaking, I did not know how auditions are conducted, because I had just started on this path. - continued Khilkevich. - And now I come to try one project at Mosfilm. As a rule, at the beginning there is a "meeting with the director", where the artist talks about himself, they communicate, and as a result of the conversation, the artist is invited further. Or he hears a painful "Thank you, we will call you back." The actress said that after meeting and talking with the director in his office, he took her out into the corridor and said that he liked her very much and he would later write to her when and where to come next time. Inspired by such success, Khilkevich began to wait for the “cherished SMS” and dream of “real samples”. She didn't have to wait long for a message.


“Day X is coming. I arrive at the appointed address - this is a residential building. I go up, go in - I understand that this is a residential apartment. The director meets me, another adult uncle is walking around the apartment. They said a word, the second uncle came out, and the director invited me into the living room, "- at this the artist interrupted the narration and turned to the followers

asking if they want to know what happened next. Most of Khilkevich's fans expressed their willingness to listen further, and some admitted that they had never so much wanted to know how it all ended. However, there were also those to whom the teasingly cheerful manner with which the artist shares the story, initially declared as something difficult and traumatic, seemed inadequate.

“Sorry, Anna, but this is the bottom. You increase your reach and subscribers to the BWD (“what will happen next” - a reception from bloggers, to increase the number of comments under their publications), spread ”;

“As I read an excerpt from the tabloid newspaper“ AIDS-info ”, I run to wash my eyes,” Instagram users shared their opinion. After a while, the artist posted the continuation of the story. “We sat down on the sofa, he took out pieces of paper with text for samples and gave them to me. We started to read the scene by role. And then he says to me: “Anya, read this scene as if I were a grown man whom you desperately want. You have not had sex yet, but you want to experience it with me, ”wrote the star. Analyzing what was happening at that moment, the actress suggested that the director was trying to apply the NLP technique on her, but at that moment she did not understand this.



“I woke up at the moment when I realized that I was sitting on his lap. I jumped up as if stung and rushed to the exit. Honestly, I thought they wouldn't let me out, and I would be raped right there. I no longer thought about any role in the movie. But the door opened and I was calmly released, ”she wrote.

According to the actress, even when she was free, she could not get rid of the "dirty and filth."

Despite the fact that the story ended without dramatic losses, the celebrity admitted that she still “had enough”. “A couple of days later I got a call from the film company and told me that I had been approved. I refused. I do not need the roles obtained in this way, and it is not known how this could turn out this unfinished story goes on, - the artist continued. - And again, dear media, I know that you follow my publications, but I don't need to call. I am not going to punish the offender, and I am not going to hurt either. "

In conclusion, Khilkevich said that she shared this story in order to save young artists from the troubles that may happen to them due to lack of experience. “Never go to an apartment to test. Offices are cheaper. And if they want to approve you through the "bed", then run away from this person, it is done differently. There are many roles, ”Anna finished.



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