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TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev showed how his 10-month-old son takes his first steps



The network appreciated the touching video of the TV presenter with his son.

Dmitry Shepelev and Ekaterina Tulupova have been happy together for several years. The couple are raising three children, two of whom each of them already had before the meeting from a previous relationship.

It is known that Shepelev is raising his son Platon, who appeared from Zhanna Friske, and in March last year, the TV presenter became a father for the second time: Ekaterina Tulupova gave birth to a boy.

Shepelev himself does not like to advertise his personal life, but sometimes he shares interesting events and good news with his followers. Recently, one of these events was the first steps of the 10-month-old heir Dmitry. The TV presenter published a video on his Instagram, which shows Dima holding his son’s hands and walking with him slowly but surely: the baby is wearing one sock, which seemed especially cute to netizens.


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